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Ready-made portfolios

More than 400 financial instruments: shares, futures, metals, currencies.
Balanced strategies
Low risks
What is a portfolio?
A portfolio is a universal tool suitable both for beginners and experienced traders. It allows to distribute funds between several instruments and, as a result, to achieve higher profitability. The key of success of a portfolio lies in the balance of assets.
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Advantages of Grand Capital portfolios:

Our specialists build portfolios carefully estimating the stability and profitability of the assets.
More than 400 CFD instruments are available to manage your portfolio
Ability to build a portfolio for any budget.
CFD margin requirements in Grand Capital are among the most lucrative on the market
Thanks to smart distribution of funds, the risks are carefully balanced.
Personal manager.
A variety of portfolio types are available. They can be based on the industry (shares, precious metals, futures, Forex) and countries (Russia, USA, Europe), etc. We offer portfolios of different levels of risk and profitability.
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  • example
  • Expected profitability of each asset, %
    Investment: $10,000
    Portfolio type: conservative
    Potential profit: 40.1%
    Maximum risk: 17.9%





  • Asset Volume, lots Opening price Trade type Investment period Potential profit Potential profit,$ Potential profit, % from deposit
    Citigroup 1 47,20 Buy 3 months 55,70 850 8,50
    Hewlett-Packard 1 13,60 Buy 3 months 17,70 410 4,10
    Ferrari 1,6 43,25 Buy 3 months 54,00 1720 17,20
    Nike 1 54,70 Buy 3 months 65,00 1030 10,30
    Total 4,6 4010 40,10
    Asset Possible drawdown up to (stop loss) Possible drawdown,$
    Citigroup 42,30 490
    Hewlett-Packard 11,60 200
    Ferrari 39,30 632
    Nike 50,00 470
    Total 1792
    Expected profitability*,% Expected profit Allocated risk deposit,% Possible overall drawdown
    40,1% 4010$ 17,92% 1792$

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